Developments in Al. Szucha

The continuing saga of the builders next to my flat has taken a new turn. One afternoon, work on the “I could be anywhere” office block that is fast replacing the demolished example of prime Soviet Socialist Realist housing, overseen by ERBUD, those masters of the “I’m alright, Jack” school of construction, ground to a halt. The thud of the hammer and the whir of the drill gave way to police sirens and ambulance horns. Clearly, irresponsible management had led to something serious, not just our sleepless nights and smashed bedroom windows. Sad to report, a builder had been crushed by a falling wall. Reports said that dead man was not Polish which seemed to make it less awful. To my mind, this put ERBUD and its band of contractors in an even worse light. Work stopped for a day or two.

The really good news to come out of all this is that someone somewhere in the city administration decided to do their duty, finally, and organised a police raid of the site. What did they find? Three drunken workers who were promptly arrested.

And the consequences? Needless to say the arrested workers were Ukrainian and needless to say work continues on the site. Needless to say ERBUD’s name still looks down from on high on the passer by and needless to say the rising building is still advertised as conforming to the highest US environmental standards.

I wonder how the dead man and his family, probably impoverished in distant Ukraine, would feel about this?


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