A Death at a Gym in Warsaw goes unnoticed

Yesterday afternoon I went to the gym, a gym mainly frequented by business students and young executives. When  I arrived at the desk the receptionists told me that the gym was closing. Clearly, they were upset. Minutes before a young man had died weightlifting.

The presence of death was hard to believe because people were continuing their exercising. I left immediately, bewildered.

Today, one of the instructors told me that people had resisted leaving the gym because they had not finished their routines. The need for their daily dose of adrenaline took priority over their humanity. Meanwhile, the body of a young man, probably someone like them themselves, lay on the floor in front of them.

This lack of awareness, sensitivity and compassion is shocking, profoundly so.  But,  it does give some insight into why so many people can remained unmoved by the plight of  Syrian refugees. They are entirely self absorbed.  No good can come of this.


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