Piano before organ?!

This morning I asked a young musician why he had chosen the unusual instrument he had made his profession. It was not his first choice, he replied. That had been the organ. At the age of twelve he had wanted to play Bach the way he heard him played on the great organ in his church. He went to the local music school only to be told by a piano teacher that  piano studies must come first, an odd approach given the evolutionary ladder. She asked his age and was quick to inform him that he was too old to begin the piano. No organ? No organ. How odd. Perhaps she didn’t like the look of him or she had a friend, a teacher of obscure instruments, who needed students. We shall never know. Whatever the reason she sold him the idea.

To avoid the draft six years later he enrolled in an institution of higher education. Part of the programme were piano lessons. As a pecker takes to the wood so he took to the piano. His teacher marvelled at his progress. One day she remarked, and not without pathos, that if only more of her students were like him ……

It was then that he reminded her.


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