Sikorski-Crawford horror. Ex-British ambassador writes the Polish Foreign Minister’s speeches for 192.000 PLN!

Whilst Charles Crawford may not be the ablest of diplomatists nor Radek Sikorski the wisest or most public spirited of politicians, neither would be so ill advised to enter into a contract of this nature without good reason. Nor is 192.000 PLN an unreasonable amount to pay for international quality consultancy, especially with so much at stake. The question which ought to be asked is why did Mr. Sikorski feel the need to employ a foreign speech and language expert when he had stables of home grown experts at his disposal in his own ministry. The answer is blindingly obvious. They were not up to the job.

This “scandal,” drummed up by factions within Sikorski’s own party and inflated by the opposition, says more about the state of public services and fitness of the political and journalistic professions than crony-ism and corruption. It is testament to the provincialism inherent in Poland’s body politic.

Symptomatic of this are the complaints in Brussels regarding Donald Tusk’s performance at press conferences. A Polish journalist commented: the only questions he was used to answering in Warsaw were on the lines of, “Oh, prime minister, why are you so handsome?” Brussels is the real world, whatever you might think. Its journalists have teeth. Warsaw must wake up.


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