Nieborow: thwarted entrepreneurs

“We can’t advertise.” “Why not?” The women shrugged their shoulders, giggled embarrassed and busied themselves with other things. But, surely, I thought, they can put a board somewhere or take turns to give out flyers at the entrance of the park such as I do on the steps of the Warsaw Philharmonic to protest the lack of music education in the country (even though the authorities sometimes try to stop me and the Minister of Culture wouldn’t get out of his car until he thought I’d been removed). “No, we can’t even do that!” 


Think about it. Here are some women who, on their own initiative, have set up a small business, and that takes some courage especially with no background, with the intention of providing a service for the community and, at the same time, saving the museum authorities the bother of doing it themselves (though this may not have occurred to the authorities), only to be thwarted by the representatives of a government that is crying out for an innovative,entrepreneurial economy. “And” added a woman with hopeful eyes, “they’ll only let us stay here till the end of the long weekend!”

Well, I’ll leave it to you to draw the conclusions. To my mind, these fine girls should be given a medal, even if they are doing terrible things for the cholesterol levels.

 The upside of this encounter was that, because of the interest I took in the sandwich makers plight, my friends were offered some of the clear contents of the unmarked bottle. “Ah, the real thing,” one of them sighed. “Home made potato vodka.” But, all I could do was watch. I was doing the driving.


Next time: Acadia.


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