Three day week hits Poland. All calm for now. Hey, nonny no!

Those of you old enough to remember the horrors and humiliation of the “Three Day Week” which heralded Mrs. Thatcher rise to power and which took the “great” out of Britain, something the DTI and the Foreign Office are currently trying to reinstate with a new rather peculiar initiative to promote the “great” in Britain, will be shocked to learn that Poland is facing the same awful reality. With an unofficial public holiday bridging the weekends surrounding May Day, most Poles will only work 13 days in the merry month of May. Merry they may be, but who is paying for this?

Of course, the effects have not yet had time to manifest themselves. This may take sometime. A nifty British born finance minister, Jacek Rostkowski, and unimaginably huge and largely squandered EU subsidies are deflecting the full impact for now. But, with this sort of behaviour, how much longer can Poland avoid disaster?

Very little news from Poland is ever reported in the foreign press. At home, the newspapers are factional and unreliable. Because of this lack of news you may have been lulled into thinking that all is well. But, as families across the land load the family charabanc (a new Audi?) and head for the mountains or the sands of the Baltic, surely the coldest and blackest of domestic seas despite its deposits of nuclear waste, Nature herself has raised her hands in alarm. “Go off on your unearned spring holidays, but be sure to take your macs, umbrellas, woollen jumpers and wellies. You may be fooling yourselves but don’t think I want to be part of it!”
Good old Mother Nature. With the weather as it is, many Poles must be wishing they were back at work earning an honest wage. Hey, nonny no!


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