Mrs Thatcher`s funeral and the Poles

Yesterday, over a cup of tea at the Sheraton hotel in Warsaw, a friend of mine, who attended Lady Thatcher’s funeral, shared some of his observations.

  “They were all there, friends and enemies, even the enemies from within her own camp who had conspired to destroy her, Heseltine, Howe and some of the others”.

 “Could this happen in Poland?”  I mused. “Unlikely. Only Rostkowski has the ability to be heckled in Parliament and afterwards be perfectly chummy with his disparagers.”  

Ah, the advantages of an English public school education. Westminster. Almost the best.

 And Rostkowski, the pillager of pension funds, was at the funeral. So, too, was Tusk, though God knows what the Lady would have made of him. And Sikorski, even though I understand he had been a guest at her house, a more pro-European you could not hope to find. She would not have liked his views. Magnanimity in death? Hmm…

 An odd delegation. I wonder if they learnt anything they could apply in Poland.


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