Grim outlook for young Poles, unless they are computer programmers.

The ex-president of a large bank rang me this morning to cry off a dinner appointment tomorrow night. His wife has the flu. Apparently, swine flu has appeared in Poland and the doctor told his wife to take extra care.


We got onto the subject of the stock markets. “They don’t reflect reality at all.” But, reality is changing faster than he may have noticed. In America unemployment is on the rise, but so is productivity. How so?  The unstoppable rise of the robot. Robots are taking jobs from people and they won’t be giving them back.


So, what hope for the young?  They must find jobs which, for the moment, computers cannot do. Computer programmers will probably be needed for some time yet. So, too, will people in any areas involving empathy, jobs in teaching, health care, the Arts. 


Thus, the question must be asked how the Polish government is preparing for this future? Not at all. These are areas of education where the state is failing dramatically. The future looks impossibly grim for the young of Poland unless, of course, they are computer programmers.


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