Why dont Poles promote their own culture abroad…and at home?

  A total of 180 Polish cultural events are in the programme of the Edinburgh Festivals. Witold Lutoslawski’s Concerto for Orchestra is performed by the Cleveland Orchestra under Franz Welser-Most tonight. Tomorrow, the same orchestra is billed with Lutosławski’s Piano Concerto, with the German pianist Lars Vogt as the soloist.

Earlier, the London Symphony Orchestra under Valery Gergiev performed all of the four symphonies by Karol Szymanowski, as well as both of his violin concertos.

In an interview with the Rzeczpospolita daily, Valery Gergiev said he discovered Szymanowski’s music only four years ago when producing the opera ‘King Roger’ at the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg.

“It’s exciting music’, he said.

The performance of Szymanowski’s symphonies with the London Symphony Orchestra will be repeated in London, Paris, Luxembourg and Frankfurt. Next year, the LSO is to perform Szymanowski’s Stabat Mater.


Why dont Poles do it!


Eat humble pie, Mitt Romney! Poland revolt!


Romney was really wrong about the Olympics…London wasn’t ready, according to him….actually, Romney was wrong about most things on his recent trip to Europe. Very worrying for all of us.
Much to Mitt (is that a name?) Romney’s surprise, London produced one of the greatest Olympics ever and the British came a strong third to China and the US, countries with vast populations and resources. However, a huge debate about sports funding has erupted in Britain and calls from all quarters that the momentum created be built on for the benefit of future generations.
By contrast, here in Poland the European cup is almost forgotten, the legacy more concerns whether the building subcontractors will be paid for the stadia than how to bring sport to more people. As for the Olympics…here hardly anything in the media. contrary to what Mr. Romney claimed about the state of democracy in Poland, surely nothing can be more condemning of the political class that runs this country that even its triumphs, and the Euro was, have been mired by fraud and corruption. As for legacy, there will be none. Roll on the revolution!

Something rotten in the state of Poland!

Last night I stayed in a hotel. My room, unlike my flat, had a television. This morning I saw the 8 am TVP news bulletin for the first time in years. It was quite extraordinary.


The top stories: the Olympics, storms in Poland, fires in Spain, Mr. Putin refusing a kiss on the hand from a Russian Orthodox priest somewhere in Russia, but nothing, nothing about Syria, Syria, probably the gravest political crisis since the invasion of Iraq with consequences that will be far more serious for everyone of us. No wonder there are no demonstrators outside the lightly policed Syrian Embassy in ul. Narbutta. The Poles don’t know.


One hears of bias, censorship and corruption in the Polish media. What other reason could there be for such a gigantic omission? Why else would a serious news editor leave out any mention of Syria and include a side story about Putin’s hand? Most of the world sees the Russians as the villains. Is someone in TVP afraid of taking a stand?


Alright, lets not mention the weedy Olympic coverage on TVP and the poor results for a nation of nearly 40 million people, ( though this needs analysis) but let us shout very loudly that something is very, very rotten in the state of Poland and its public service television.