Nestle Boycott: more will die and you might live longer.

In his book “Democracy Kills” Humphrey Hawksley investigates the world chocolate market. He concluded that the chocolate industry is one of the darkest pages in the history of industrial exploitation: the kidnapping of children, slave labour, broken promises, corporate arrogance and indifference.

The situation is so bad that last year CNN devoted a week to exposing the behaviour of companies such as Nestle and Kraft, companies which dominate the market. In their greed they lie and cheat to make profit. They lie because they claim they pay a proper wage and a fair price, they lie because they claim they are building schools and hospitals for the child workers they claim they do not employ. They cheat because the quality of the products they offer us is forever cheaper: though the price goes up and the quality goes down, we are fool enough to buy them. They cheat because they are sowing the seeds of political catastrophe for Africa…and they don’t care!

Like the bankers and the tobacco industry, the purveyors of recreational foodstuffs are cynically, even criminally exploiting us all in the pursuit of their short term profits. A report last week showed how the corporate arrogance of Nestle has allowed it to continue to encourage and ignore child exploitation on the plantations of Africa. This cesspit of greed and stupidity is immune to persuasion.

Now it is up to us. STOP buying Nestle products! A sacrifice? Perhaps. But it won’t kill you if you miss out on your cardboard Twix or Kitkat. If you don’t others will most certainly die.Is it too much to ask? Anyway, by not eating such rubbish you will be doing yourself a favour.


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