I`m not sexist but….

Now that spring is here I am using my bicycle much more. But, something has happened over the winter that needs explaining. The driving in Warsaw has deteriorated. No, it’s not due to the worsening roads or the falling GNP of Poland. The best explanation I can give is that more women are driving under the mistaken impression that they can multi-task while at the wheel.


See a car behaving erratically and there is a high probability that a woman is in the driving seat. How these women keep to the road at all is a mystery. In the left hand a mobile phone and a cigarette. In the right, a soft drink can and the steering wheel. Gear changing is done by the left hand crossing over during the commas in conversation, a time which ought to be reserved for thinking (something some women never do, to paraphrase GB Shaw.)


These thoughtless harridans of the road enrage me to such an extent that I am almost tempted to provoke an accident, even if this results in injury or even worse to myself.


I am not sexist, heaven forbid. Simply, I deplore the arrogance and ignorance that allows so many of Warsaw’`s women drivers to assume they are entitled to endanger the lives of the rest of us.



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