At what cost the Euro Cup?

  Racism may have already shown its ugly face in Krakow, the roads may not be built, unemployment may be at an all time high but, wily nilly, the Euro cup begins today. I thought there would be a huge amount of excitement but so far there isn’t, at least, not amongst the people I know. None of the young people I have asked has any intention at all of watching the games on TV, going to the games or participating in the celebrations. Lying low seems to be the order of the day.


Who are these young people? Geeks, musicians, film people; young, active men whom, I should have thought, would have had a keen interest in football. But no.


 So, on whose behalf have the fantastically expensive stadia been built with money that could have finished the roads, improved education, built infrastructure, created jobs? It seems the very people who would most benefit from a better education system: the thugs, the unemployed, parts of the media, the political class.




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