Poland: let the facts speak for themselves

It would be a crime not to bring to your attention three issues in the news in Poland this week.

Firstly, the residents of a newly built luxury housing development in Torun were irked to discover that they are sleeping, eating, breeding even, over a huge wartime munitions dump created by their  neighbours, the Germans. The sappers have arrived but there is an awful lot of unstable ordinance to remove. We wait with baited breath! So do they, no doubt.

The developer says that he has not broken the law, and indeed he hasn’t. Incredibly, there are no laws to prevent an unscrupulous developer indulging in such irresponsible behaviour. The state has built a bridge near by on the same understandingÂ…a great example of civil society, I don’t think.

Then, FIFA has informed the Polish stadium managers that they have a problem. Not that the roads are not ready, the trains not running or that the stadiums will only lose money. No, these are already discounted and the managers were puffing themselves up with self satisfaction of a job well done, heroic even. Well, that’s what they were telling everyone. But, a shock was in store for us all. They’ve laid the wrong grass! Yes, that’s right. The wrong grass. 2.5 million zloty are needed to get the right stuff. No grass, no games.

Finally, the much awaited Museum of Contemporary Art is scuppered. Just as the cornerstone was about to be laid two facts emerged. Firstly, the city does not actually own the land they intend to build on. They have not got the deeds in their possession. Secondly, the land they want to build on is unstable. Unstable? Yes, unstable. Why? Because,  wait for itÂ….they are building the new underground directly beneath.

I don’t want to draw any conclusions. Let the facts speak for themselves.