SGH et al


So, last week I had a series of presentations with private and state university students in Poland. The general topics were presentation skills and communication. Again I was struck by the passivity of the students. Ask a question, no reply. Ask for volunteers for demonstrations and nothing. Nobody stirs.


The problem is this. Poland has a 19th century education system. Possibly the people at the top know it is not fitted for the 21st century, possibly the few intelligent people who have opted out of higher education know it’s a dinosaur. However, the poor students in the middle are too brainwashed, intimidated or dumb to realise that they are simply wasting their time or, rather, being allowed to throw away the golden opportunities of youth by impotent and self-interested political and educational systems.


Let’s not even begin to think about all the fraudulent MBAs on offer that simply examine the outworn mass market multinational model and cant see then end is nigh both for the model and their high incomes!


Sure, we live in a time of dramatic transitions but if a student in a top university can’t even be motivated to answer a question what is the future? Pretty grim, in my book.



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