LSE el al

Last Saturday week I had the honour of addressing the Polish Business Club at the London School of Economics. This is a group of young Poles who are engaged in higher education in Britain, mainly at Oxbridge or the LSE itself.

To be honest, I didn’t really know what I was going to talk about. I struggled to find the WIIFM…the WIFFM? Yes, the motivation to listen that every speaker must give to his or her audience. What could I possibly tell these young people about business in Poland that they did not already know?

I thought I had hit on a solution until I began my talk. Only then did I realise that whatever they had gained from a British aspect to their education it was not enough to change a fundamental problem, a problem to which I had to open their eyes however painful. When I asked a question no one answered.


2 thoughts on “LSE el al

  1. Lovely comment Richard – next time add a few Scousers and Glaswegians to the audience – guaranteed to spice up proceedings and get some debate going

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