Poland: a land of wasted opportunity


Yesterday afternoon at two hours notice the class I teach at the Polytechnic was cancelled. The reason given? The administrative assistant who is supposed to open the department door  was going home early. Was her mother dying? No. Her house burning down? No. Toothache? No. She simply had better things to do .


Her boss received her email to me and the students and failed to react. What could he have done? Perhaps he might have suggested we use a room in another department? Perhaps he might have asked why she had to leave early? But no. Nothing.


No consideration was shown for my students, most of whom make a special trip to attend my class. No respect was shown for me whom, I might add, works pro bono. Worst of all was the total lack of imagination of the administration, an administration which prides itself on being on the cutting edge of innovation(!). Don’t cancel the class at two hours notice, for God`s sake find a solution!


How very typical of Poland. Some petty administrator acting wholly self-interestedly destroys an opportunity for the greater good. Poland is a land of wasted opportunity and it simply does not learn, and, worse, I am not sure it cares. Here is the proof.



4 thoughts on “Poland: a land of wasted opportunity

  1. Don’t give up Richard. The work you are doing with these students will be like a breath of fresh air compared to the normal learn by rote crap taught in Poland. Poland neeeds you

  2. You’re only complaining about Poland because you haven’t had the doubtful pleasure with the French of Belgians. I am trying to rent an apartment, but all of the agencies decided to only work 9:30-17:00. Yes, of course, they do take an hour break for lunch during those hours. You can try calling them during working hours from your office; if your boss lets you, but still you won’t be able to view any of the apartments after hours, because the agents have have already left for home.

  3. @somebdy You’ve just found market niche – but seriously, shouldn’t a regular person leave his/her job at 7 PM and go see kids or have a date? Should we just sleep and work or maybe WORK 24/7 for the sake of country wealth? No way!

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