After a short pause, the woman came back with a colleague. They asked me to follow them. I was led a cubicle and deposited in front of a delightful woman of a certain age. She told me how her daughter sings in a choir. “Do you sing,” I asked. She didn’t but she had always wanted to. Had she been a man I would have invited her to join my choir, but she wasn’t and we have enough women. In the hands of this mother figure and with the utmost speed and efficiency I was issued with a document that stated I am a long term resident of good standing of Mokotow.  Relief. The first hurdle cleared. Poland really is getting better.

Next on the list of necessary documents was five years of tax returns. I thought they were in a draw where I dump all financial papers. Horror. I could only find last year’s and half of the preceding year. Can I be so stupid? It would appear so. Oh God. Was I about to let myself down? I was.


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