An appeal from my readers

Over the last two weeks a number of people, three in all, have either written or told me that they miss my blog. How kind.

In response to such an overwhelming appeal I feel compelled to start again. This is not without sacrifice. It means farewell to long mornings in bed contemplating eternity and the lack of funds in the bank: the Greeks, Italians, Portuguese and Irish are the lucky ones. They get bailouts. I don’t begrudge them that, but I pay my taxes, unlike some of them. By the way, what will happen to the Polish economy if the Euro goes out of business and the gravy boat of newly printed Euros stops flowing in this direction? Has anyone given any thought to this? Mr. Rostkowski?


No, the financial crisis looms dark and heavy but there is much to report. So I will rise early and, rather than head off for Innisfree, or where ever it was the poet went, I shall go to my stalwart laptop, the one with the broken screen……I didn’t know you can break a computer screen if you hold it the wrong way……be warned……and write in between the cracks.


What you can look forward to is the following: the Polish elections deserve little comment: the same policy clean, sticky fingered crew with its English finance minister and foreign minister who would like us to think he’s an Englishman (were it so easy:) has been returned to government; TEDx Krakow, where I spoke; my birthday which only one person wanted to celebrate with me; the National Philharmonic’s latest wheeze; being arrested in charge of a drunken bicycle and a few other things.


So, if you’ve really nothing better to do at your employer’s expense, log in this week. I hope I’ll amuse.


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