The Chinese Republic

  Just back from a party at the Chinese Embassy celebrating the 62nd anniversary of the People`s Republic. I know. I should not have been there but a cousin invited me and I was rather looking forward to the food. It did not disappoint. Nor did a dinner invitation from a senior  Asian ambassador whom I managed to charm. I have to work harder at this. One could eat out at embassies` expense every day of the week if one planned and ingraciated oneself sufficiently. Just cant get around to it.   Completely uneventful evening otherwise. No speeches, thank God, though I recognised a newly arrived British diplomat thanks to the sound tradition of club ties and good London tailoring. Not disappointed, he turned out to be a gentleman, ex-tank regiment.   Mrs Penderecki was there, entering  bouquaid  ( a new word?) with a fading beauty. On the way out I saw her flowers forlorn and disguarded on a side table. Who would be a flower in Poland?


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