Alarmed by the shocking rise of obesity in Britain, doctors have advised the government to introduce a fat tax similar to the draconian taxes on cigarettes. Companies that produce crisps, ice cream, sweets, biscuits, salted nuts, fast food, foodstuffs that be best described as crap food, are going to be hit hard. Let’s think which companies, those that load their products with deadly sugars and salts, might be. Cadburys, Kraft, Nestle, DANONE, Unilever, MacDonald’s, KFC, Coca-Cola. Who else? Help me out! 

How different Poland would look without these names. Oh, I forgot to say. Its not just Britons whose are sitting wider. It’s the whole western world.


2 thoughts on “A FAT TAX

  1. It’s bloody about time they introduced this tax. I cannot bare to listen to all the fat people who say being fat it’s not their fault. Grow up, nobody wakes up one day and notices they’re 50kg overweight.Left and right we hear alarming news about number of diabetics. These people will be a huge liability to our society. Richard, aren’t those the exact same companies you worked with when you did your series of leadership training programs. I guess they’ll need to show a lot more leadership and come up with normal food instead of overpriced junk food.

  2. Yep. Exactly. And do you know what? Together with companies like Philip Morris, they get EU funding for training. So we pay them to be more efficient, to make people fat and then we have to pay to make the sick, fat, toothless people better . only we cant. Mad? Yes/ And do I make money from them? Yes, but I put it to good social use….much more than other parasites in the training business might do. Am I smug? Not really. Just sinning to do good.

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