This Monday morning


Oh God, the administration of my block of flats moved in this morning with a team of workmen to change the central heating. The noise and chaos is awful….but only adds slightly to the noise coming from the prison next door…did I tell you I live next to a prison?

I went there twice last week telling them to do something about the noise…its a generatator or something…what generator? The one that`s making that terrible noise. What noise? The one that begins at 5 in the morning, penetrates closed windows, can be heard above the radio.  Agh!!!   And we know from last week`s international human rights report that conditions inside prisons are terrible. Believe me, they are nearly as bad outside. A total disregard for human rights and absolutely no accountability 

Anyway, they sent a young officer around and, miraculously, he heard the noise. …but, it cant be coming from us, we dont have anything on. Nothing on! Then what`s that noise? asked my neighbour. He looked bewildered.

What a country, I ask you.

Anyway, things dont seem much better anywhere else. England has the Murdoch scandal which is claiming many distingushed heads: the head of the police and the bosses of News International and is the third scandal involving the great institutions of the state in as many years. Italy, well, where does one begin? Berlusconi, sovereign debt?

At least the sun is shining. Please, please, no more rain. At least I can sit in the dog- shitted park and avoid the noise. I can live with an intrusive smell, I think.

1 thought on “This Monday morning

  1. English Nature has advocated a national strategy to encourage people to reconnect with nature and benefit from proximity to wildlife.( Probably smell inclusivel )Partnerships between healthcare providers and nature organisations to share and exchange expertise could create new policies that recognise the interdependence between healthy people and healthy ecosystems. WOW and you are already doing it and all because of of Polish plumbers !

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