Innovation 5

  Investing in human capital for innovation are buzz words. Businesses tell their staff that they are being given training because the company cares about them. Sometimes this is true. More often, companies are trying to give their staff the basic skills they should have learnt at school: team work, trust and the sharing and implementation of ideas. These are the skills they should have learnt through team sports and the performing arts.

The other deception is political. As far as the arts are concerned, Poland is still run like a Soviet state. There is little or no transparency or accountability for the allocation of public money which invariably goes into the pockets of the chosen few.  There is even less confidence that the political and bureaucratic decision-makers are competent. How often can they be seen in concert halls or at performances? Rarely, if ever.

Poland must innovate but the culture of innovation cannot be created on a whim. The people in power, the politicians and the academics, must wake up to the awful reality and take responsibility. But they should not be expected to do everything. Parents and people who have an interest in the welfare of the country must bring pressure to bear for change. Poles deserve a better education system but the system cannot get better without music and the Arts as an equal partner in the syllabus. There must be an end to this cultural elitism. Innovate!


1 thought on “Innovation 5

  1. Being judgemental is only the first step. Go forth and add value( another buzz word) Do something which helps these Poles who are the product of years of communist manipulation. They were not intended to innovate and think for themselves.  People have to learn to  how to innovate . Being a commentator is the easiest of roles. No responsibility, just words. Get into " action mode". Organise a group of people to work with you who have similar opinions to you .

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