Investing 2

Music and theatre, art and literature are the greatest tools we have for developing the imagination. Small children entertain themselves spontaneously by singing to themselves, telling stories to themselves and moving to music. Yet, the education system ignores these natural instincts and even destroys the interest. The situation has become so bad that many young parents do not even know how or what to sing to their nursing babies. This is catastrophic. Since time immemorial mothers have communicated with their babies through song. Babies have developed language skills though song. The cost of this loss is incalculable. The cause is in school.


The Arts exist for our moral and spiritual benefit. They should be used throughout the education of the young to develop their imaginations, self confidence and their ability to work with other people for a shared objective. The arts are not only for an elite that likes to dress up for concerts and theatre and who send their children to the “exclusive” music schools.

Poles are brilliant at passing exams, exams which usually test received knowledge, not the implementation of knowledge or original thoughts and ideas. This is fine as far as it goes, but education is not only about ticking boxes with the correct answers however good that looks in reports about the state of education in Poland. Education is about asking why and why again and finding different solutions. A system that does not encourage and enable children to develop their inquisitiveness and their imaginations and their self-confidence like muscles in a gym is dramatically hindering the young from reaching their potential.  Where are the tools that do this in the Polish education system? There are none.


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