Lwow: a night at the opera 5

The big question was whose child was she. The Chinese boy said her mother played in the first violins. Should we contact her? What could she have done at this point?  Confiscate the aerial! This might only lead to tears and tantrums. I suppose we could have all stood up and demanded the child’`s removal but that would have been excessive. It would almost certainly be misconstrued by members of the audience in less disadvantaged seats and back fire on us.

  Obviously, the mother regularly dumps her child on unwitting front stall ticket holders with the full compliance of the management. Perhaps some sort of warning at the point of sale would be in order. Perhaps this would be too much to expect considering the attitude of the management to selling seats which normal people cannot be expected to sit in. The fact was the child should not have been there in the first place.


She returned still armed with plane and aerial. The plane was less of a threat than the aerial.


I caught her attention and gestured her to telescope it shut. She was slow on the uptake. 5 year olds can be wilful and this one was playing to form. The young Ukrainian rallied to my support translating my English command to “Shut it!” Being very like Polish, I quickly caught on, though my pronunciation and attitude caused some hilarity amongst my neighbours, the Chinese boy especially.

 The child remained unmoved at first but after a concerted effort by all of us she acquiesced. The offending article shrank and took on the role of dog bone. Fine by me if the child wanted to ruin her teeth.

Something needs to be said about the general behaviour of the audience. But that can wait for next time.


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